Keith Sinclair

Motion for Disability Labour AGM #SaveWILG

This is the motion I am proposing at the Disability Labour AGM on Saturday 8th September in Leeds.

Thanks must go to Keith Sinclair for his amazing work on creating this motion. The strength of the #SaveWILG campaign group never fails to impress me. It is very humbling.


Disability Labour notes:

  • the support for the Welsh Independent Living Grant (WILG) from recipients and the wider support that exists.


  • that a positive approach must include a tripartite team to agree the Care Package, comprising the disabled individual, the local authority and a Social Worker independent of both parties.


  • the decision of the Welsh Government to abolish the WILG


  • the overwhelming decision of the Wales Labour Party conference to support the saving of the Welsh Independent Living Grant (WILG)


  • the different approaches that have been adopted to supporting Independent Living in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Disability Labour believes

  • that the approach to Independent Living adopted in England has been a disaster and that the models adopted in Scotland and North Ireland are more likely to meets the needs of disabled people.


  • that Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) and trade unions in Wales should be congratulated for their support for the campaign to save the WILG.


  • that the evidence is clear that local authorities in Wales are not in a position to seamlessly take on the responsibilities of the WILG.

Disability Labour calls upon

  • the Welsh Government to save the WILG as a first step towards meeting the needs of disabled people in Wales


  • CLPS, unions and Labour affiliates to support the campaign to save the WILG.


Proposed by Nathan Lee Davies

Seconded by Dorian Gordon



Wear them with Pride

Two new badges have arrived and will soon be available. Thanks must go to Keith Sinclair and his badge making contact, Rob.

The first badge is of the character I created with the help of an online Avatar creator during my dark years in Inverness. I like using this Avatar on all my work as it means I did something useful during these ‘lost’ years. They are perfect for my growing fanbase who want to show their support for my work 🙂

The Wrexham DPAC badges will hopefully help to foster a sense of togetherness for disabled people based in Wrexham as we fight back against the exploitation shown towards to us by Wrexham Council. An example of this unfairness can be seen below.

Both badges will be available at forthcoming information days or directly from me at £1 each.



I wrote the following paragraph in an email to a friend following an annoying trip to Wrexham Town Centre where they have just introduced car park charges for Blue Badge holders despite my protest, which can be read in previous blog posts.

Just had a frustrating drive around town where I could not find anywhere to park. These damn principles won’t let me pay the Council anything so it seems that I won’t be able to go to town until 2022 when I hope we can elect a decent bunch of Councillors. I was thinking of maybe printing loads of stickers to paste around town protesting these parking charges.Something needs to be done as all they have succeeded in doing is to cut me off from their hometown. I wanted to open a bank account at NatWest today but I am not paying to park my car.  


Thanks to Sylvia Prankard for the photograph. 

Open letter to Carolyn Harris MP #SaveWILG

The following letter has been sent to the Deputy Leader of Welsh Labour, Carolyn Harris MP. Thanks to Keith Sinclair for his assistance in the writing of this message.


Dear Carolyn,

Congratulations on your election as Deputy Leader from all at the #SaveWILG campaign. I would also like to thank you personally for your recent email sent following your victory. Within that message you stated that you would “be a voice for members – and I will”. 

Furthermore, you promised that you would “do all I can to empower, promote and enable women, BAME members and those who’ve not been involved before to take leadership roles in our party – and I will”.

I write to you as a disabled member of the party who is keen to promote and enable the role of disabled people in Wales. I am sure this is another key minority group full of untapped potential that you wish to empower and enable. To this end, I would ask you to urgently encourage the Welsh Assembly to support the retention of the Welsh Independent Living Grant (WILG).

As you are aware, the Welsh Labour Party conference overwhelmingly passed a Clwyd South motion urging support for WILG. A very wide spectrum in support for our motion came from Labour Party AMs, MPs, CLPs and Trade Unions.

I would specifically request a meeting with your good self to discuss matters relating to WILG, specifically the future prospects of those who have benefited from it.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Nathan Lee Davies
Disabled Activist and Author