Brian Hilton

Valentine’s Day Memes #SaveWILG

With time running out to #SaveWILG, we are pulling out the stops.  Brian Hilton – our creative designer – has produced the following Valentine’s Day memes that will soon be reminding AM’s and Local Authorities just what a mess they have got themselves into.

The only solution is to #SaveWILG.

A full list of tweets to accompany these memes can be found in the following blog entry. 


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New Badges and Easter Memes #SaveWILG

I am pleased to announce that the new WILG badges have arrived and are plastered with our new slogan: Where there’s a WILG, there’s a way. I hope you will agree that the badges look really good and it is an excellent slogan dreamed up by myself and my PA when we were messing about with ideas.

These badges are available for £1 each with all profits going directly towards the #SaveWILG campaign. You can simply get in touch with me and I will be able to send you some in the post or deliver it in person at one of our many campaigning events that we have planned for the coming months.

We also have green badges available and these can be obtained along with the red badges for £1 each.


During the Easter period, we are encouraging people to share our newly produced memes across social media. In particular, we are targeting Welsh AM’s from all parties, but especially a few influential figures in Welsh Labour such as First Minister Carwyn Jones (@fmwales), Minister for Children and Social Care, Huw Irranca-Davies (@huw4ogmore) and Minister for Health and Social Services Vaughan Gething (@wgcs_health).

I have even written a tweet for you to copy and paste into Twitter and send to those suggested above. I can’t make it any easier for you. This will help you to do something positive over the long weekend and alleviate your guilt for stuffing your face with chocolate.

Suggested tweet:

@fmwales @huw4ogmore @wgcs_health Protect disabled people and their families #SaveWILG. 

You can also share on Facebook as all three AM’s have their own pages. If there are any other influential AM’s or Councillors that you can contact that would be great.

Button Badges, Welsh Language Postcard and Memes #SaveWILG

Save WILG button badges – Only £1

Wear one with pride to help raise awareness and raise much-needed funds to propel the campaign forward. Contact me to make a purchase and I will make sure the badge gets to you quickly and safely.

Introducing our new Welsh Language Postcard for those of you who speak the lingo:


You can help #SaveWILG in so many ways such as buying a Save WILG and sharing these fantastic memes – created by my legendary comrade Brian Hilton – on social media or email. Make a difference this Xmas and help my crusade…

I have also updated the #SaveWILG Campaign page and the Shop. Postcard


Former ILF Recipients in Greater Manchester

With thanks to Brian Hilton.

On Manchester Radio recently there was a feature on what has happened to former ILF recipients in Greater Manchester.

BBC Radio Manchester submitted FOI to all 10 Greater Manchester authorities asking what had happened to the care support of former ILF recipients. The results revealed that 42% of former ILF recipients had had their care reduced since the closure of the ILF.

The item was revisited through the show (see iPlayer link below) and featured a former ILF recipient called April from Stockport who had had her 62 hours a week care reduced  by 38 hours a week. She can’t go out, urinates in a bottle and has a lift in her house that she is unable to use.

In one of the segments they interviewed John Roust (Chief Executive – Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership) who said they had set up a “Personalisation Team” to look at how social care recipients can better utilise and have more control over the care they receive. One example he gave was recipients pooling their resources. An interesting aside is that John Roust has a disabled daughter, so said he had a personal and professional interest in this issue.

In another section they interviewed Jackie Driver (Chair – Breakthrough UK) who said that cuts were seriously affecting disabled people’s wellbeing. Also, said that Greater Manchester Devolution presented us with an opportunity to address such issues.

The segments were featured at

24 minutes

1 hour and 11 minutes

2 hours and 10 minutes

2 hours and 42 minutes

Here is the iPlayer link if you want to have a listen: