To purchase high quality merchandise in support of Ataxia UK, including wristbands, pens, badges, T-Shirts, children’s books and a particularly smart running vest, click here.

You’ll be raising money and helping to make more people aware of ataxia and Ataxia UK.


Save WILG button badges – Only £1 each

Wear one with pride to help raise awareness and raise much-needed funds to propel the campaign forward. Contact me to make a purchase and I will make sure the badge gets to you quickly and safely.



Other badges available for £1 each

Be the envy of all your friends (!), by wearing one of these badges. The first badge depicts the logo for this blog while the second badge shows the logo for Wrexham DPAC. Contact me to make a purchase and I will make sure the badge gets to you quickly and safely. By wearing one of these badges you will be supporting the vital work of a disability activist based in Wrexham.





Every Silver Lining has a Cloud by Nathan Lee Davies is still available and sure to provide you with some laughs – if you like football or not.


Throughout 2011, Nathan Lee Davies undertook a journey around all 12 Welsh Premier League (WPL) football grounds, but before you screw your nose up and continue your search for a good read elsewhere, you need to know that this is only half the story.   

The aforementioned Welshman has managed to fuse facts and figures on the beautiful game with autobiographical stories full of humour and honesty. Tales of depression, disability and divorce are hilariously combined with trips across the border to foreign lands, bladder bursting recollections from Bangor, memories of rainy days in south Wales and much, much more, as Davies attempts to reconnect with his homeland.

Is there entertainment to be found amongst the WPL amateurs? What does it mean to be Welsh in modern Wales? Will our guide ever have sex again? How many people can one man offend? There’s only one way to get inconclusive answers to all of these questions, plus a few more, so what are you waiting for?


A promotional video for Every Silver Lining has a Cloud can be viewed here.

An unofficial Spotify soundtrack for Every Silver Lining has a Cloud can be found here.

Please note that this book includes EXPLICIT CONTENT and parental guidance is advised.



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