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Square Peg, Round Hole


Attempting an impossible fit

Without wishing to look an utter tit

Will that spaz ever manage it?

Square peg, round hole


Acceptance is what we strive for

A level playing field, no more

Let me display my regular, everyday, humdrum core

Square peg, round hole


Accessibility would be a start

Open the barriers to superficial hearts

And be rewarded with love that won’t tear you apart

Square peg, round hole


Conformity with the masses is a must

Difference as sexy as a stale pie crust

Something, something that leads to lust

Square peg, round hole


Fed up already of this rhyming lark

Guess I ain’t no John Cooper Clarke

How the hell will I make my mark?

Square peg, round hole


Instead of copying another man’s style

I need to go the extra mile

Writing personally with added guile

Square peg, round hole


Breaking free from restrictions

While penning accurate descriptions

In free-form style – it’s what I need to do

Square peg, round hole


So I guess I’ll never fit

Ito your confines, YOU utter tit

I’ll be myself – get used to it

Square peg, round fucking hole


Theresa May considering scrapping Human Rights Act following Brexit

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humanrightsThe prime minister is to consider repealing the Human Rights Act after Brexit, despite promising she is “committed” to its protections, a minister has revealed. This is, after all, a government that has always tended to regard the human rights of some social groups as nothing more than a bureaucratic inconvenience.

The House of Lords EU Justice Sub-Committee has exchanged correspondence with the Government about clarifying the wording of the Political Declaration regarding the European Convention on Human Rights. 

There is no justification for editing or repealing the Human Rights Act itself, that would make Britain the first European country to regress in the level and degree of our human rights protection. It is through times of recession and times of affluence alike that our rights ought to be the foundation of our society, upon which the Magna Carta, the Equality Act and the Human Rights Act were built – protecting the most…

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Desperately Seeking Staff

I am in search of new staff to work alongside me as a personal assistant. This is a fulfilling role that gives you the chance to make a difference to someone else’s life. I am looking for someone who is punctual, reliable, a team player and can be flexible. Word processing skills and a full driving licence are also essential.

Hours can be negotiated at interview.

Drop me a line via the Contact page, Facebook or Twitter. Good luck.


Rate of Pay: Flat Rate: £9.50 per hour or £10.50 at weekends and public holidays – Weekly Hours: To be discussed at interview.

About the employer:

This post is to support a sociable 41-year-old man living in the Wrexham area. He uses a wheelchair and lives with Friedreich’s Ataxia. Subsequently he requires support to remain independent. An intelligent author and disabled activist with a good sense of humour, he remains ambitious and adventurous. He enjoys company and likes to go out socialising.

Summary of duties:

To provide support to access various social and recreational activities. You must therefore have a clean driving license. You will need to support with his personal care, including toileting, washing, dressing and preparing meals. He is a very creative individual and requires support to develop his ideas. Due to his poor dexterity he struggles to type quickly – as a writer this is most frustrating – therefore you should have good word-processing skills.

A full driving license is also required as he often attends meetings throughout the North Wales and North West area.

Support with gardening and household tasks.

The post will include 5.6 weeks paid annual leave (pro-rata)

Police records check funded by the employer will be required.

The person they are looking for:

The ideal person will have a good sense of humour and should also display plenty of energy, initiative and enthusiasm. In addition, applicants should be patient and trustworthy with a flexible and empathetic attitude. A positive attitude and clear understanding of confidentiality is essential. Promoting the independence of the client will be the main focus for any support.

You must be reliable, friendly, flexible and punctual.

Times Required:

A variety of hours are available to cover Mornings, Evenings, Sleep-Ins and Weekends. To be discussed at interview. 

Holiday and Sickness Cover is also available.


Jeremy Corbyn tables motion of no confidence in the government

Replace Sue with Nathan…

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Image result for jeremy CorbynI have just received the following email:

Sue, this country needs a proper government

Jeremy Corbyn

Dear Sue,

Theresa May’s Brexit deal has just been defeated.

The government is in chaos. The country is in crisis. This can’t go on.

The country needs an election. That’s why tonight I tabled a vote of no confidence in Theresa May and her hopeless government.

But the Tories are getting ready too. Right now their millionaire donors will be reaching for their cheque books.

We’re relying on people like you to help fight and win.

Your donation will give the country the government it desperately needs. Will you help? 

An election is coming, and your support will help to win it. Please, donate now.

Thank you.

Jeremy Corbyn
Leader of the Labour Party

I’ve chipped in my last £3, for now. 

So, Theresa May is facing a no-confidence vote that could…

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Twitter Thread – #SaveWILG

I can’t remember the last time I had a proper nights sleep free from worry and pain. I wrote the following Tweet thread this morning and am looking forward to discovering how things develop over the coming weeks… There are so many other things that I could write about to highlight the incompetence of Local Authorities when dealing with disabled people with high support needs although I am running on empty this morning, so the following will have to do for now:


05:11 this morning, I had to phone my 68-year-old Dad to rescue me even though both of his hands are riddled with arthritis. He literally can not and should not be having to do such call outs. WCBC should be ashamed of themselves for failing in their duty of care. 1/3

I can not wear my hand splints or a t-bar under my knees to keep my legs straight because then I wouldn’t be able to move at all at night. My dexterity is therefore getting worse and my legs give me agony at night. All this could be sorted easily with proper 24/7 care. 2/3

I am now counting on and to show that the new look has empathy and understanding at its core. One thing for certain is that I am going no where until Welsh Labour members who passed a motion to have their voices heard. 3/3


Chaotic Care Assessment Triggers New Year Fears  For Ammanford Man #SaveWILG

 Concerns over planned changes to care for people with disabilities and worries for the future have meant a miserable Christmas for an Ammanford woman and her chronically disabled husband.

 Lon Shaw, a radio astronomer who worked alongside the astronomer royal in Cambridge before moving to Wales to become a tree surgeon, has relied on funding from the Welsh Independent Living Grant (WILG) to enable him to continue living in his home following a devastating brain haemorrhage more than thirty years ago that left him without speech and mobility.

 The grant has supported a small team of part-time carers who provide ongoing support to his wife Janie, helping with the round-the-clock attention that he needs.

 His condition requires help with every aspect of his daily living from feeding and personal hygene to escorting him to medical appointments and using a winch to move him in and out of bed.

Now WILG is to end in March this year (2019) and the budget handed over to local authorizes to administer. However, following a chaotic assessment that she says has led to her suffering increased stress, depression and on-going nightmares, Mrs Shaw believes councils are using a reassessment to withdraw support and make savings to their budget.

 “The first assessor who came to visit us clearly had no idea of the work involved.” 

 “She seized on the fact that he was briefly able to drink from a cup as evidence that he could feed himself despite our explaining that this was a very rare event.”

 “Help with taking Lon on his regular trips to hospital was also dismissed saying that it was quite safe for me to leave him unattended when parking our car despite his history of wandering off in his motorized wheelchair without supervision and getting lost.’

 “It is evidence of his childlike and mischievous nature but he is unable to understand what harm he might come to.”

 “She also upset me by claiming that the WILG had created a neediness in people.  That’s an absolute disgrace!  It is Lon’s disability that has created the need for help and the fund has been able to meet those needs.  But even with help his care leaves me exhausted.”

 Recently the council had agreed to a second assessment, responding that the first assessor was “inexperienced”. However, that assessment was cancelled at short-notice leaving Mrs Shaw on tenterhooks over the Christmas and New Year period.

 “His current funding supports Lon’s quality of life and independence,” she says.

 “His experienced carers really understand his needs and how they are best met.  Any reduction in funding for home care will have very negative consequences on both out lives.”

 “It is too horrible to think about but if his care package is withdrawn he would have to go into a home which would cost far more than the help he is receiving at present and leave me devastated.”

 For more details please contact Janie Shaw through Nathan Lee Davies – via the contact page, Twitter or Facebook. Thanks.

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