Lockdown wrap: The calm before the storm

This is the type of thoughtful football writing that I aspire to. Another excellent piece by the Oxblogger…


There’s an iconic moment towards the end of Empire Strikes Back in which Han Solo is set to be frozen in carbonite. Faced with imminent peril, Leia rushes forward to declare that she loves him. He replies by saying ‘I know’.

For me, what makes that scene is not so much Solo’s hubris, it’s not a characteristic Solo joke, it’s the fact that knowing he is facing death, he is enveloped by calm and clarity. He dispenses with the norms, rules and the niceties – where he might reciprocate or deflect Leia’s declaration – because he doesn’t need those anymore. Between that moment and his very likely demise, he can simply play it as he wants.

It’s a similar phenomenon that Jon Ronson talks about in his interview with Louis Theroux on the Grounded podcast. A notoriously anxious person, Ronson has become calm in the face of the pandemic, almost…

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