Lockdown wrap: Football – what now, what next?

I’m glad I’m not the only one who is unmoved by the return of the Premier League…


Football. Is. Back.

Kind of. While the Premier League party got started on Wednesday, it feels like a welcome home celebration for someone back from a war. Everyone wants it to be OK, but you can’t fail to notice the rictus smiles and the slightly over-enthusiastic talk about how exciting it all is while the guest of honour stares vacantly into space, a shadow of their former self, haunted by its experiences, guilty that it survives while others suffer.

The return of football is more a cultural signal that things are improving than a genuine resumption in play. The postponements of games in mid-March shifted the national mood pushing us towards a long-overdue lockdown. Before that all the talk was about herd immunity and taking it on the chin; if the biggest beer monster at the frat party leaves because things are getting out of hand, you know it’s time…

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