Lockdown wrap: What is a ‘real’ football fan?

This is another excellent piece of writing by the Oxblogger. During August, I will be starting to relive the 1983/84 football season, and the culture that ran along side it. I will also be asking, what exactly makes a football supporter? Having read this article, I am definitely a South Stand upper type of fan and hope to encourage a few others to enjoy a long forgotten season, with me…


It’s funny the things you miss about football, not so much the last minute winners or the five goal thrillers, those are the occasional rewards for your effort. It’s the little routines; the walk into the stadium, the announcement of the teams, the chat with your mates and afterwards the quiet post-match trudge back to the car hearing people deconstructing the game or saying things like ‘see Rotherham won again’. It’s the mundanity of the routine that we’ve been robbed of.

In the Absolute State of Oxford United survey last year, it turned out that fans who sat in the South Stand Upper went to most home games and were most likely to go to away games. This is the stand associated with Werther’s Originals, flasks of coffee and tartan blankets. It’s not all like that, I once saw someone updating their website on a Macbook Pro while waiting for…

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