Breaking News – Update from Facebook – Disability is not good for Facebook says: ‘Facebook’.

This is most concerning and deeply troubling.

My first thought was to boycott Facebook and close my personal pages. On further thought I have decided that it is more productive for me to continue my activism on disability rights through Facebook and hope that I can change perceptions of disability.

Ability Access

By Simon Sansome

In an astonishing recorded call from Facebook, listen below.

Screenshot 2019-04-08 at 16.59.21.png

Ability Access is the UK’s largest disability page with over 12,000 followers and often goes viral. This week is no exception, with reaching an audience of over 5 million people and 1.5 million interactions.

Earlier this week, Ability Access, was blocked from inviting people to like the page after getting over 3000 new likes.

Scheduling a call with Facebook Marketing Team to resolve this issue, we asked why we had been blocked and their reply is shocking and possibly discriminatory.

In a recorded conversation the operator who is a marketing expert at Facebook said: “You will have to understand that some people see disability as disturbing, you will have to think about it like that”.

The operator then went on to say “I have never come across a page that promotes disability”.

Simon – “So, to promote my…

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