‘Left to die alone’ by Tory cuts. Can you help? #GE17


Terminally-ill Hull man Ian Young has found himself cut adrift and, as he described it, left to die alone as a result of Tory cuts to social care. He is trying to publicise his situation both to try to get help for his remaining days and to draw attention to the plight of others in similar circumstances.

He writes:

My name is Ian Young. I was born in 1967. In May 2015 I became progressively ill.

My symptoms were metallic taste, rashes, hair falling out, back and stomach pain. Then my feet lower legs and stomach started to swell with fluid.

The medics stated at first all was normal, but finally after a few months and deterioration of symptoms I was diagnosed with kidney and heart failure.  At the time I was coping with my conditions as I am also suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.

I was receiving care for…

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