Vote Labour to uphold the rights of disabled people – our letter to the Guardian

Politics and Insights

The following letter was published in the Guardian today, which was written and signed by a group of academics, professionals, campaigners and grassroots activists who work together cooperatively. We collaborate to achieve our mutual aims of a progressive, civilised, just and safe society for all. We hope to achieve this by ensuring we all live in an inclusive society that meets its human rights obligations for all social groups.

I am very proud to be among them. 

westminster-20121020-00081Many disabled people see Labour’s policies as a lifeline, say the 30 signatories to this letter. 

For chronically ill and disabled people, recent years have been a disaster. The UN recently found “reliable evidence that the threshold of grave or systematic violations of the rights of persons with disabilities has been met” (Report, 8 November 2016).

We have been forced through a work capability assessment that the government’s own expert adviser described…

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