You Might Not Be Daniel Blake, But Here’s How You Can Help Him

Same Difference

A very good review, and seven ways you can help.

It was the scene in the food bank that did it for me. Up until then, I had been watching Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake as a film, noting the decisions made by the actors and the writer and the director. But when single mother Katie (played by the brilliant Hayley Squires) was forced to humiliate herself, desperate and starving, in a Newcastle food bank, I stopped viewing the film as a piece of work that could be critiqued and just gave in to the sheer emotional force of it. 

My whole face was wet with crying. I tried to be discreet, but my body was shuddering as sobs clattered through it. I allowed the film to simply do its work on me, reducing me to tears, stoking a great sadness and sense of naïve uselessness. When it was over…

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