All The President’s Men

I have pre-ordered this shirt 🙂


Thank you for meeting me in the Eagles Meadow car park at this late hour. I know it’s irregular, and you might find it peculiar that I remain in the shadows, my face hidden. But I must hide my identity from everyone, even you. I simply have to protect myself from the dark forces within the Wrexham Media Team, who must never know that I’ve told you this. If they find out, it would be more than my life’s worth. But the truth must be told. The truth about the terrible lie which was committed last week. The lie which got completely out of hand.

It started innocently, with a discussion of how April Fools Day could be observed. The idea settled upon was a fake kit, and the club’s full time false shirt expert created a real beauty: a pink shirt, complete with “My Racecourse” logo which would turn…

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